All the laboratories are fully equipped and provided with independently conditioned air, darkening, internet, air extraction, disposal systems, etc.

  • Molecular Biology Lab
  • Biochemistry and Histochemistry Lab
  • Histology Lab
  • Cell Culture Lab
  • Microbiology Lab
  • Preparatory Analytical Chemistry Lab
  • Microscopy & Image Analysis
  • Advanced Microcopy & Microdissection
  • Analytical Chemistry Lab
  • Cold Room
  • Freezer Safe Room
  • Washing Room
  • Ultracentrifuge Room
  • Dark Room

New strategic facilities include:

  • The Cell Biophysics Joint Lab is equipped with an automated mf-FLIM and a 2photon-FLIM; exploited to detect molecular interactions by time resolved FRET in single cells as well as fixed tissue.
  • Advanced systems in microscopy and imaging (bright-field, fluorescent and polarised microscopes, inverted microscope with fluorescence and hr image systems, compact high performance scanning for high-resolution histological preparations and their shipment to a mass storage system).
  • Functional analysis (liquid chromatograph and HR mass spectrometer, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, high speed UC, microplate reader integrated with image acquisition, laser microdissection for histological samples and cell cultures).
  • Biobanking (freezing and storing capabilities of the BBEBB).