PiE-UPV/EHU has a useful surface that surpasses the 2500 square meters, distributed in five levels:

  • Floor S2: seawater treatment and depuration systems, and supply tanks have been settled. These facilities allow to use great volumes of seawater, with a flow of 12,000 liters/hour.

  • Floor S1 (and S2 extension): It consists of a zone of experimentation aquaria, laboratories, specimen bank, PL3 Biosafety Aquarium and, in the terrace, two mesocosmos (20,000 liters each). The Social Area is made up an Graduation Hall (80 people) and several annexed rooms (e.g., coffee room). Researchers' and technicians' offices are located here.

  • Floor PB: It is destined to postgraduate, doctorate and LLL teaching, with administration and direction, 2 classrooms and 3 laboratories for practicals. Classrooms are technically equipped as Computer rooms and for video-conference. Master students' room, offices for visiting teaching staff and researchers and PhD candidates's offices are located in this floor. The two classrooms can become one single meeting-room for 60-80 attendants around a round table.

  • Floor P1: It hosts research laboratories (9) and services, and the library (in addition to its own resources, it is possible to be acceded to the bibliographical collection of the Central Library of the UPV/EHU). Researchers' offices are located here.

  • Loft: Technical facilities of air conditioning, ventilation, etc. Workshop.

In addition, a surface of 200 square meters in terraces and balconies is used for social events.