Science dissemination activities

PiE-UPV/EHU members have designed different activities with the aim of making science citizen friendly.

In one hand they participate in fairs such as, “bermeo Arrain azoka” (Fish fair) or UPV/EHU Science Week with different stands and activities, and in the other hand,  PiE-UPV/EHU is opened to visitors, especially to those from schools.

     Visits have been cancelled until further notice, due to the COVID outbreak.


 Scholar Visits

Visits to PiE-UPV/EHU are scheduled twice a year (January and May).

  • The tour includes an introductory presentation and a microscopy / laboratory session
  • All interested schools need to apply for the visit before 15th December or 15th April filling and sending the form.

 Non-scholar visits

Non scholar visitors that would like to visit us (groups), please send an email to the contact below and we will replay you as soon as  possible.

For individual visitors next “visiting day” is 20th of December. More information will be available in November.

scholar visits


1). Science week is an UPV/EHU event that takes place every year during the second week of November.

  • Microscopy activities: Folscope origami activity at Science Week (in Basque and Spanish)
  • Stand on Marine Sciences: Marine Ecosystems and Pollution

2). Bermeo Fish Fair takes place every year at Bermeo fishertown (Basque Country) during the second weekend of May.

  • Stand on Marine Sciences: Marine Ecosystem and Pollution

Science week

Bermeo Fish fair

Next activities


PhD Eider Bilbao
Assistant professor at FCT-ZTF

Telf: +34 94601 7669
Email: eider.bilbao@ehu.eus

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