Turquoise, leaded by PiE-UPV/EHU, is conceived as the pioneering contribution of the Bay of Biscay Universities (U Bordeaux, U La Rochelle, UPV/EHU) to catalyse academic and inter-sectoral cooperation to develop innovative methods, products and services provided by marine biological resources (blue growth) under the framework of their sustainable environmentally friendly use and valorisation (green innovation and ocean health protection).

Thus, Turquoise aims at promoting synergies, cooperation and networking to foster trans-border network of University Marine Stations/Observatories in the Bay of Biscay (Arcachon MB St at U Bordeaux; LIENSs at U La Rochelle; and PiE-UPV/EHU) and its contribution to blue growth and green innovation in the Aquitaine-Euskadi Euro-region. Further on, Turquoise should evolve to be the tractor hub for the actors that can contribute to a successful and sustainable development of biological blue growth and green innovation in the Euro-region. Turquoise activities pursue an agglutinating objective that will (a) facilitate joint research actions in the future; (b) stimulate innovative ideas and generate key enabling technologies; (c) contribute to the launching of a solid trans-border network in ocean science and marine biotechnology both in research and education (high education, research career, LLL); and (d) enhance competitiveness and opportunities to participate in EU projects and attract EU funds for research and development to the Aquitaine-Euskadi Euro-region for blue growth and green innovation, which will be an increasing crucial priority at European and national and regional (RIS3) scale. Moreover, outreach and technology transfer are a crucial part of the Turquoise animation programme.

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