Model Predictive control for a quad rotor moving a double pendulum

agentes inteligentes en videojuegos producido por Tai Nuñez [1]

A framework for Reinforcement Learning algorithms development in C and Windows

Software for vascular CTA segmentation

Robotic Vision: Technologies for Machine Learning and Vision Applications

Relevance Dendritic Computing: codes and examples

Hybrid Image Segmentation

Illumination Source Chromaticity Estimation (ISC)

A simulation environment in Matlab for Linked Muticomponent Robotic Systems (LMRS)

Morphological Cellular Neural Network

Coloreado de grafos con enjambres -- Swarm based graph coloring

Hyperspectral Image Synthesis toolbox for MATLAB

Endmember Induction Algorithms

Euclidean skeletons of digital image and volume data in linear time by integer medial axis transform

Skeletonization, skeleton pruning and simple skeleton graph construction example in Matlab

NPP estimation software for regional/global applications using Forest-BGC

Sistema de reconocimiento de caras desarrollado por Iñigo Barandiarán

Graph Coloring Suite, Graph Coloring Solver and Graph generator

Aizkolari: Supervised feature extraction from brain MRI (or any kind Nifti or Analyze files) and supervised classification tool for disease detection Local copy

Other tools from Alexandre Savio

Hybrid Extreme Rotation Forest (HERF)

Hybrid Extreme Rotation Forest (HERF) basic code

Adaptative Hybrid Extreme Rotation Forest (AdaHERF) python code

Nonlinear Unmixing and Reconstruction

Distributed Round-Robin Q-Learning (D-RR-QL) for Linked Multicomponent Robotic Systems

Experiments of Conditioned Reinforcement Learning in Continuous Space Control Tasks


Drive dataset with Active Learning and Random Forests

Influence Maximization