Hyperspectral Camera SOC710 Nature Datasets

This hyperspectral dataset has been taken at the same morning with same weather conditions. In a sunny day.

Each image has:
1) Estimated Ground true saved in a .mat file.
2) A synthetic RGB image obtained for original (by using the bands: 30, 45 and 60).
3) Hyperspectral image in ENVI format. This image has been normalized in the range [0 1],
Additionaly there are also two images with human models. These images have been taken indoor in a white room using solely illumination incomming from the windows (natural illumination).
Resources: Matlab reader of ENVI format [1], monteverdi software[2]
Below, are the synthetized images obtained from original ENVI images, and the ground true by hand-manner.

Hyperspectral images available for direct download: [| FULL DATASET (750MB)]

Scene8.png Scene9.png Scene1.png Scene2.png
Scene8 GT.png Scene9 GT.png Scene1 GT.png Scene2 GT.png
Scene3.png Scene4.png Scene5.png Scene7.png
Scene3 GT.png Scene4 GT.png Scene5 GT.png Scene7 GT.png
Elenas.png Manolos.png