Coloreado de grafos con enjambres -- Swarm based graph coloring

This is a collection of Matlab routines that simulate the a Swarm based graph coloring process. Swarm agents move by attraction to the goal colors, repulsion based on neighboring in the graph, and an aggressive behavior to solve non-optimal stuck situations.

You can download the the collection of routines, with some example graphs here. The Readme-demoColoreado.rtf and Leeme-demoColoreado.rtf files contain operative information.

Referencing: if used for publication, please refer to the following paper

B. Cases, C. Hernandez, M. Graña, A. d'Anjou. On the ability of Swarms to compute the 3-coloring of graphs. In S. Bullock, J. Noble, R. Watson, M.A. Bedau (Eds.), Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference on the Simulation and Synthesis of Living Systems, pp. 102-109, MIT Press, 2008