Ponencias Invitadas en Congresos


Image processing and communications; Bydgoszcz 25-Noviembre-2018, [1]


Presentacion en la Universidad Autonoma de Chile, en Santiago pdf
IWINAC 2017 en A Coruña


Manuel Graña
2nd International Conference on Computational Models, Cyber Security, Computational Intelligence (ICC3) [2]
Coimbatore (India) 17, 18 & 19 December 2015
Manuel Graña
Lattice computing for Intelligent Systems
Theoretical Foundations of Machine Learning; TFML 2015; 16-21 February 2015, Będlewo, Poland. [3]
Manuel Graña
Multi-agent reinforcement learning for new generation control systems
IDEAL 2015 : The 16th International Conference on Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning; Wroclaw (Poland); 14-16 octubre 2015 [4]


Manuel Graña
"Review on methodological aspects of machine learning application to remote sensing data"
International Workshop on Multi-Sensor Data Fusion for Remote Sensing Image Analysis
September 9-11, 2014, Sun-Yat Sen University, Guangzhou P. R. China.


Manuel Graña
International Conference on Computational Intelligence, Cyber Security and Computational Models (ICC3) [5]
Coimbatore, India, December 2013
Manuel Graña
Towards subconscious social intelligent computing slides
SOCO 2013, HAIS 2013
Salamanca, Spain, Sept. 2013
Manuel Graña
Instances of subconscious social intelligent computing slides
CASON 2013, [6]
Fargo, ND, USA
Manuel Graña
Applications of Computational Intelligence to Medicine and Healthcare slides
Innovation in Medicine & Healthscare [7] InMed-2013
University of Piraeus, Greece, 17-19th July 2013 letter of acknowledgment
Ivan Macia
Quantitative Imaging in CTA for Endovascular Repair Planning and Follow-up of Aortic Aneurysms paper slides
OSA Quantitative Imaging [8]
Quantitative Medical Imaging (QMI), Optical Society of America, 25 - 26 June 2013, Renaissance Arlington Capital View, Arlington, Virginia, USA


Manuel Graña
Lattice Computing in Hybrid Intelligent Systems,
HIS 2012, Pune, India, 4-7 december 2012 slides


Emotion from facial expression recognition pdf
Manuel Graña, Andoni Beristain
JCIS 2007, 18-24 Julio 2007, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
State of the art in Lattice Computing for Artificial Intelligence Applications pdf
Manuel Graña
NCMCM 2007, 13-15 Diciembre 2007, Coimbatore, India