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Using Scratch to Teach Undergraduate Students' Skills on Artificial Intelligence
Julian Estevez, Gorka Garate, JM Lopez Guede, Manuel Graña
Simion Zoo
A Workbench for Distributed Experimentation with Reinforcement Learning for Continuous Control Tasks
Borja Fernandez-Gauna, Manuel Graña, Roland S. Zimmermann
Control de motores de propulsión eléctrica mediante controlador PID (Version 1.0).
Martxel Eizaguirre. (2019, June).
J. Estevez, JJ. Dominguez, M. Graña
Relationship between the visibility of political leaders during campaign and the outcome in general elections. A case study for Spain
Cite as: arXiv:2002.07768 [cs.CY]

open source software & open data

Borja Fernandez Gauna, Manuel Graña, & Roland S Zimmermann. (2019, February 19).
SimionZoo: a software bundle for Reinforcement Learning applications.
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Head-Neck-Radiomics-HN1 data processed with Pyradiomics ready to use for data analysis (Version 1) [Data set]. Zenodo.
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An experiment of SLAM with Quanergy M8 LiDAR sensor (Version 1.0).
Marina Aguilar-Moreno, & Manuel Graña. (2020). 
An hybrid registration method for SLAM (Version 1.0).