Contact Details

María Eugenia Sandoval-Salinas

Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC)
E-20018 Donostia, Spain
Institut de Química Teòrica i Computacional (IQTCUB), Universitat de Barcelona
E-08028 Barcelona, Spain.





  • PhD in Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modeling (2017-…)
    Universitat de Barcelona
    Thesis project: “Photophysical processes in complex systems”
    Thesis advisor: Dr. David Casanova
  • Research stay  (08/2015-11/2015)
    Euskal Herriko Univertsitatea, Basque Country, Spain.
    Host: Dr. David Casanova Casas
  • M.Sc. in Chemistry (2014-2016)
    Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Graduated with honors), Mexico.
    Thesis project: “Theoretical study of energy transfer in the FMO complex”
    Thesis advisor: Dr. Joaquín Barroso Flores
  • B. Sc. in Chemistry (2008-2013)
    Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, Mexico.
    Thesis project: “Theoretical design of monomolecular drug carriers using Calix[n]arenes                                 like host molecules for the anticancer drug IMATNIB”
    Thesis advisor: Dr. Joaquín Barroso Flores


Conferences and Workshops

  • Second International Vigo Meeting on Advanced Computational Chemistry, Vigo, Spain, 2019. (Oral communication)
  • Second Transborder QuantumChemPhys Lab Meeting, Baiona, France, 2018. (Oral communication)
  • Second European Symposium on Chemical Bonding (ESCB2), Oviedo, Spain, 2018. (Oral communication)
  • Congress on Electronic Structure: Principles and Applications (ESPA), Toledo, Spain, 2018. (Poster presentation)
  • 2nd International Symposium on Singlet Fission and Photon Fusion: Emerging Solar Technologies (ISPF2), Gothenburg, Sweden, 2018. (Poster presentation)
  • XVII National School in Molecular Materials, Torremolinos, Spain, 2018. (Oral communication)
  • European SummerSchool in Quantum Chemistry, 2017, Palermo, Italy. (Poster presentation)
  • 6th Workshop on Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling, Barcelona, Spain, 2017. (Oral communication)
  • 11th Triennial Congress of the World Association of Theoretical and Computational Chemists, Munich, Germany, 2017. (Poster presentation)
  • XV Mexican Meeting on Theoretical Physical Chemistry, Mérida, Yucatan, Mexico, 2016. (Poster presentation)
  • XIV Mexican Meeting on Theoretical Physical Chemistry, Tonalá, Jalisco, Mexico, 2015. (Poster presentation)
  • 50 Mexican Congress of Chemistry, Querétaro, Querétaro, Mexico, 2015. (Oral communication)
  • Summer School: Calculation of Electronic Excited States, Donostia – San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain, 2015. (Poster presentation)
  • Virtual Conference on Computational Chemistry 2015. Mauritius, 2015. (online communication)
  • XIII Mexican Meeting on Theoretical Physical Chemistry, Morelia, Mexico, 2014. (Poster presentation)
  • 48 Mexican Congress of Chemistry, Guanajuato, Mexico, 2013. (Poster presentation)
  • XII Mexican Meeting on Theoretical Physical Chemistry, Toluca, Mexico, 2012. (Poster presentation)

Publication List

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