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Theoretical Chemistry Group members on TV

  • Prof. Jesus M. Ugalde and Prof. Xabier Lopez, talking about a Basque anectode by the 2013 Chemistry Nobel Price Winner Martin Karplus. In Basque (starting at 23:30, approximately) and in Spanish (starting at 33:15, approximately)
  • Dr. Txema Mercero (from the IZO-SGIker service at the UPV/EHU), in Teknopolis program (ETB1, channel in Basque language of the Basque Public TV EITB) about the Basque supercomputer “Arina”.


Interviews to the group members on local radio channels may be listened on this area

The activity of the University, in general, and that of the research groups, in particular, is usually claimed to be far, or disconnected, from the society. In this vein, in order to socialize more our research activities, and the basics of quantum chemistry, the group is currently developing two spreading blogs (of popular science), one in Basque and the other one in Spanish. The links are below.

In Basque:


In Spanish:


The purpose of both blogs is to be complementary to each other, and to this web page as well. The Basque blog is oriented to students (High School students and first-year students in College) and to other social groups that may be interested in the topic but have (or not) low scientific education. The idea is to promote not only quantum chemistry, but science in general. The Spanish blog is more oriented to people with more scientific qualifications (Master or PhD students, scientists from different areas or highly-qualified professionals). Both blogs have topics in common, but are explained from different point of views and are complementary to each other. Both blogs are connected with the research and teaching activity of the group, which is accessible from this web page.