Jueves, 24 de Marzo de 2011

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17th Conference of the Spanish Association for Ethics and Political Philosophy

Donostia – San Sebastian, University of the Basque Country, June 1-3, 2011

227 paper proposals have been accepted for the conference, which will be structured in 33 symposia. You can download here the full list with the titles and authors data.

This is an international conference about open questions on identity and alterity in ethics and political philosophy. Its aim is to provide a meeting point for academic philosophy, European and Latin-American universities and researchers, and the general public, in relation to current problems concerning contemporary democracy, how the Other is constructed in ethics, old and new Latin-American identities, or the recent rise of applied ethics in pluralist contexts. We are aiming for more than 250 inscribed participants, to take part in 32 symposia, during 3 days in 5-7 parallel sessions.

Among others, the program will include a symposium to celebrate David Hume’s 300th birthday and the 150th anniversary of the publication of J. S. Mill’s Considerations on Representative Government.

Deadline for submission of paper abstracts (500-1000 words): October 31, 2010.

Full list of symposia and email addresses for submission of proposals.

Papers in languages other than Spanish are welcome for consideration, and we will have at least one plenary delivered in English by one of the keynote speakers.

We are sorry that the official documentation of the conference will be published in Spanish only. But the scope of this conference is not limited to scholars or themes in the Spanish-speaking world. Papers might be delivered in English, both in the symposia and in the general session. Just get in touch with the coordinators of the symposium you are most interested, or submit your paper directly to us at the organizing committee (XVIIsemanaEFP@gmail.com) and if accepted we will place it in the general session. We anticipate at least one symposium (4-5 papers) to be delivered in English.

All accepted papers will be published in a book of proceedings to be distributed at the conference, provided their authors comply with the registration requirements (details about that to follow).

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