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Microbial Infestation of Objects of Art and Cultural Heritage

Categoría: Ikastaroak/ Cursos


Hornemann Institute. Center for the preservation of World Cultural Heritage

Online Curse

Dates: 15 April to 16 June 2019





The focal point of this course is presenting different methods of detecting and analyzing microorganisms encountered in objects of cultural heritage. Essentially the courses are divided into modules. This allows judging the scope and content of the courses to help estimate the time and work involved.

– The first one is an introduction into microbiology. It allows students with no corresponding background to learn the basics of microbiology and thus to be able to follow the course. This is of particular importance for non-university implementation, as microbiology in the conservation of cultural objects has not been pursued much outside the university.

– The second module, which is smaller, is more practice oriented: it explains the different sampletaking techniques and which types of sample material are suited for which analyses and tests.

– The third module contains various methods of detection and analyses of microorganisms that pose a threat to cultural objects. The user learns not only easy to use analyses techniques but also very specific and modern specialist ones.

Moreover, the course provides a reading list, an extensive glossary and links to other internet sites on the same topics. The course should rather explain you the possibilities of your available sources. Our aim is to enable you first to decide which method will be effective and to decide afterwards whichever equipment or procedure is needed.

Fee: 198,00 € (Students get a reduction of 20%)

Link: Information, registration


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