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22nd IIWC International Symposium. Wooden Heritage Conservation: beyond disciplines / 1st IIWC Course on Wooden Heritage Conservation

Categoría: Ikastaroak/ Cursos

Holistic approach to wooden heritage conservation that extends beyond structures to include together with the materiality of wood construction, its complex intangible side. Its scope includes the diversity of professions involved, possible approaches and processes, from a global perspective and their adaptations to the conservation of local wooden heritage.


To announce/expose different theories, including processes, methodologies and intervention techniques in wooden heritage from different points of view through different disciplines but with a common goal and includes every agent involved. (Carpenters, engineers, architects, archaeologists, historians, chemists. ..)

Dates: 30.Sep – 05.Oct

Location: Bizkaia Aretoa – UPV/EHU and Miramar Palace

Academic Validity: 50 hours

Link: Information, program, fees…

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