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Conservation Ethics today: are our Conservation-Restoration Theories and Practice ready for the 21st Century?

Categoría: Argitalpenak/ Publicaciones

The present publication in the proceeding series “Heritage for Future” of ICOMOS Poland and the Technical University of Lublin is the result of an interdisciplinary exchange and cooperation between three international and national scientific committees of ICOMOS (the ISC Theory and Philosophy of Conservation-Restoration, the ISC Stone, and the German NSC Conservation-Restoration of Wall Paintings and Architectural Surfaces), renowned institutions of conservation-restoration and history of art, as well as institutions of education and professional representation in this field

The topics of the publication are focussed on the relationships between theory and practice of conservation-restoration in the field of heritage preservation, considering the positions and developments of the twentieth century for the challenges of the twenty-first century. Particular attention is directed to architectural heritage, its surroundings and its fittings, such as architectural surfaces and wall paintings, stuccos, decorative elements in stone, majolica, ceramic, etc.

Central topics:

– Re-thinking conservation-restoration theories of the twentieth century in the early twentyfirst century

– Meaning and practical relevance of international Charters, Principles and Documents

– Meaning and practical relevance of ethics and ethical guidelines in the conservationrestoration of heritage today

– Interdisciplinary cooperation and communication in the field of heritage preservation and management: professional ethics and tasks


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