Babelium / Moodle integration plugin

Long time no see! We have been quite busy the last four months here in GHYM. First, we presented our latest version of Babelium at the JISBD 2011 congress, in A Coruña (Galicia, Spain). It caused a very good impression among the assistants and we got a lot of feedback and suggestions. One of the most recurrent was to encourage us to integrate Babelium in Moodle (the most used opensource LMS platform). As a matter of fact we were already working in such an integration because we knew that a lot of language schools were using that platform for their online claseses.

And there you go! We’ve recently finished a new neat plugin that allows anyone to integrate Babelium with the Moodle platform. What does it mean? Well, now you can choose a new type of assignment: a Babelium activity. This will allow you, as a teacher, to choose one video exercise to propose to your students (from a list of the videos that you’ve uploaded to Babelium)

Then, when your students access this assignment, they will be able to
choose a role and start recording their voice (and their faces if they
opted in to use also their webcam, a good thing to avoid cheating 😉

We have recently made a public presentation of the Moodle plugin at
the Moodle Moot Euskadi Conference, held on October 21, in Vitoria, and organized by HABE (a major institution in the Basque language teaching arena). As usual, we will publish the source code once we polish the sharp corners (meaning, as soon as possible!)

Meanwhile, you can watch this video that shows the plugin in action. Hope you like it!

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