BAILab: Coordinating research groups in our Faculty

On Friday 20th June, in the Palacio Miramar, the UFI BAILab (Basque Advanced Informatics Laboratory), a new research grouping in our Faculty, organized a workshop. This new research grouping brings together 108 researchers from almost half of the research groups of the Faculty.  The workshop was organised as follows:

  1. Results and aims of the research groups in BAILab.


  2. “Federating Research: benefiting from scale without losing out to size”, presented by Tim Smithers from the BAILab.
  3. “From Turing to the Future of Humanoid Robots: the past, present, and future of Artificial Intelligence”, presented by Prof Ramón Lopez de Mántaras, senior CSIC researcher.
    In this talk, Prof Lopez de Mántaras, reviewed the long list of achievements in Artificial Intelligence in different and often disconnected areas, and argued for the need to now work on using these so called Weak AI successes in building integrated systems to achieve a new generation of Strong AI achievements.
    (The Diario Vasco newspaper published a long interview with Prof Lopez de Mántaras in its Saturday 21 June print edition.)



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