Talk: Black-box Optimization (M. Gallagher, 2015/10/26)

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Speaker: Marcus Gallagher
Title:  Engineering Features for the Analysis and Comparison Black-box Optimization. Problems and Algorithms
Date:  2015 october 26
Time: 12:00
Room: Aula 3.1
Organizer: Intelligent Systems Group (ISG)

Given two black-box optimization algorithms (e.g. A and B), it is of interest to quantify what kinds of problems A outperforms B on and vice-versa. However, unless the mechanisms of A and B are very well understood and/or strong assumptions made about the structure of the problems, this is a very difficult task.  One possible approach is to measure features of optimization problems which capture and measure salient properties of the problems, such that the features can be used to distinguish or categorize problem instances. Subsequently, algorithm performance might be predictable based on such problem features.  In this talk I will discuss a recently proposed feature called “length scale”.  Length scale is based on data available in the black-box setting and makes few, if any, apriori assumptions on the nature of the problem or algorithms to be analysed. Experimental results will be presented showing the potential utility of the analysis across continuous and discrete problems

Brief Biography:
Dr Marcus Gallagher is an Associate Professor in the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at The University of Queensland, Brisbane Australia.  He was awarded his PhD from the University of Queensland in 2000.  His main research interests are in the areas of Optimization,
Metaheuristics, Evolutionary Computation and Machine Learning.  More specifically, he is interested in the intersections between these areas, including the use of probabilistic models in black-box optimization algorithms (e.g. Estimation of Distribution Algorithms) and using machine learning and data-driven techniques to better understand the nature of optimization problems and algorithms.

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