Hitzaldia_Charla: Artificial Intelligence, S. Jimenez Celorrio

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[ES] Este viernes a las 11:30 tendremos esta charla invitada en la sala Ada Lovelace

Speaker: Sergio Jiménez Celorrio

‘Juan de la Cierva’ research fellow, Artificial Intelligence Group,
Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Title: Automated planning and its application to the synthesis of programs and controllers


Automated Planning is the model-based approach to autonomous control. In automated planning ‘the action to do next’ is determined using a model of how the actions and sensors of the agents work, what is the current situation, and what is the goal to be achieved.
First I will introduce the current models and methods for automated planning. Then I will present a novel formalism to represent and compute algorithm-like solutions valid for multiple planning instances. Our results show that an off-the-shelf planner using this formalism can compute algorithm-like solutions in a wide range of tasks including sorting lists of variable-size or traversing variable-size binary trees.
Our recent work describing this novel planning formalism is the recipient of the ‘IJCAI 2016 Distinguished Paper Award’.

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