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Visit of master students from the University of Zurich (2012-06-05)

The 5th of June, next Tuesday, a group of 8 students and 2 professors from the Master on Multilingual Text Analysis in the University of Zurich is going to visit IXA Group and our Master on Analysis and Processing of Language.

The meeting will be in Room 3.2 in the Faculty of Computer Science In Donostia-Saint Sebastian.

Local master students and teachers are encouraged to participate in this meeting and so exchange ideas and projects with students from Zurich.

Iñaki eta Rodri

– 10:00: IXA presentations:

  • General description of IXA research activities including linguistic tools and resources  for the Basque language (30 min.)
  • Semantics and Information Extraction (20 min.)
  • Machine Translation (20 min.)

– 11:15 Coffee Break

– 11:30: Zurich presentations

  • Martin Volk: Language Technology in Zurich – A Brief Overview
  • Susanna Tron: Sentiment Analysis
  • Lenz Furrer: Language Technology for Historical Corpora
  • Mirjam Marti: SMS4Science

– 13:00 Lunch. We can go to a nearby cafeteria at uni.

– 14:00: Meetings organized by research topic

– 15:00: Final plenary meeting and future plans.

– 19:00/19:30-Onwards: Pintxos bar tour in San Sebastián’s old town.

“…This whole study week has been extremely well received. We were very impressed by the many language technology activities in and around Donostia. …Please stay in touch. It would be nice if we could establish some form of student and/or lecturer exchange. I think we have an array of common research interests.”

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