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OpeNER, Newsreader and READERS: 3 new European projects with participation of IXA Group.

Three new projects with participation of IXA Group have been recently accepted by the European Commision:

OpeNER: Open Polarity Enhanced Named Entity Recognition
The OpeNER project aims to provide enterprise and society with base technologies for Cross-lingual Named Entity Recognition and Classification and Sentiment Analysis through the reuse of existing resources and the open development of complementary technologies.
Grant agreement no: FP7-ICT-2011-SME-DCL-296451
Start date: July 2012 – End date: June 2014
Participants: Vicomtech, VUA, UPV/EHU, CNR, Synthema, Olery.

NewsReader: Building structured event indexes of large volumes of financial and economic data for decision making
NewsReader will process news in 4 different languages extracting what happened to whom, when and where, removing duplication, complementing information, registering inconsistencies and keeping track of the original sources.
ICT Call 8 FP7-ICT-2011-8
Grant agreement no: 316404
Start date: January 2013 – End date: December 2015
Objective ICT-2011.4.4 – Intelligent Information Management

READERS: evaluation and development of reading systems

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