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Talk: Text summarization using discourse knowledge. Text simplification and co-reference (T. Pardo)

Speaker: Thiago Pardo
Data: February 28th 2014, Friday
Time: 10:30
Room: 3.1 computer Science Faculty (UPV/EHU)

Title: “Text summarization using discourse knowledge. Text simplification and co-reference”


Thiago A.S. Pardo has also developped many systems for text summarization. For example, the following:

  • Summarization extension to Google Chrome – extension for on-line news summarization, based on RSumm system
  • TextTiling for Portuguese – topical segmentation tool adapted to news texts in Brazilian Portuguese, based on the work of Hearst (1997)
  • CSTSumm – a multi-document summarizer based on CST information (see README.txt in the rar file)
  • CSTNews – a corpus with 50 clusters of news texts – in Portuguese – with their multi-document summaries, as well as several discourse and semantic annotations
  • TeMário 2006 – 150 news texts and the corresponding human summaries, which complement the original TeMário corpus, resulting in a corpus of 250 texts for summarization purposes
  • DMSumm – Discourse Modeling SUMMarizer
  • NeuralSumm – NEURAL network for SUMMarization (for scientific texts) – with tools for training the system with new data, if necessary
  • GistSumm – GIST SUMMarizer

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