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OpeNER project is over: check our tools and results!

OpeNER Project

OpeNER_LogoOpeNER FP7 project has just successfully finished with a huge amount of Natural Language Processing tools open-source up and running as a webservices or software tools.

Concretely OpeNER provides tools comprising NER, NED, Coreference, Constituency parsers, Opinion taggers, Sentiment Polarity taggers,  Language detectors, tokenizers, part-of-speech taggers and lemmatizers for 6 languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and German).
Additionally, a bunch of demo applications show the different possible use of OpeNER technology. Some of them:

As well, as publicly available general domain sentiment lexicons and manually annotated news datasets.

A new Tourism linked data resource called Tour-pedia.  TourPedia is the Wikipedia of Tourism and it contains information about accommodations, restaurants, points of interest and attractions of different places in Europe. At the moment only eight places are covered: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Dubai, London, Paris, Rome and Tuscany. However, the idea is to extend the service to all the world.

The format of the OpeNER pipeline is KAF ( a format now used in many projects/tools. Converters from KAF/NAF to JSON are also available.

For more information about the results of OpeNER project, please address to our portal or send us an e-mail.

Congratulations to our IXA group colleagues participants in this project!!

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