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Our masters on Language Technology for 2015/16

The IXA Group offers two masters for 2015/16:

Would you like to study with us? Listen to some of our teachers and students, take a look to this presentation of HAP-LAP masters:

EM LCT Master

The two programmes focus on the same field and share course content. They differ as follows:

Number of credits:

EM LCT = 120 ECTS.       HAP/LAP = 90 ECTS.

Duration and Mobility:

EM LCT: 4 semesters at two European universities of the consortium.
HAP/LAP: 3 semesters at UPV/EHU with the possibility of studying one semester at one of the universities of the consortium.

Teaching language:

EM LCT: English.
HAP/LAP: English or Basque. Two separate groups are organized. The English group will bring together the HAP/LAP students pursuing the English track and the EM LCT students.

HAP/LAP Master


EM LCT:     LCT Program fees, established by the EM programme
HAP/LAP:   regular UPV/EHU fees (level of experimentation: level 3).
Additionally, the IXA Group offers special grants
as well as the possibility of pursuing doctoral studies within the group.


EM LCT: granted by the European Commission

Note that being a mobility scholarship, the student will not be able to pursue studies at his/her country of origin
The deadline for submitting applications is January 12, 2014

HAP/LAP: granted by the UPV/EHU (last year applications might be presented until 19 July 2013)


EM LCT Master: Arantza Diaz de Ilarraza Sanchez
HAP/LAP Master: Olatz Arregi Uriarte

More information:

EMLCT_flyer.pdf and HAP/LAP_flyer.pdf
Master description in English, Spanish and Basque: Masters.pdf

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