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We have 14 papers at LREC

This week we present 14 papers/posters in LREC Conference (Language Resources and Evaluation Conference).  🙂

Three of them written in collaboration with Elhuyar.


The links for download of our papers:

  1. A Comparison of Domain-based Word Polarity Estimation using different Word Embeddings
  2. A Comparison of Named-Entity Disambiguation and Word Sense Disambiguation
  3. A Multilingual Predicate Matrix
  4. Addressing the MFS Bias in WSD systems
  5. Domain Adaptation in MT Using Titles in Wikipedia as a Parallel Corpus: Resources and Evaluation
  6. Evaluating the Noisy Channel Model for the Normalization of Historical Texts: Basque, Spanish and Slovene
  7. Evaluating Translation Quality and CLIR Performance of Query Sessions
  8. Interoperability of Annotation Schemes: Using the Pepper Framework to Display AWA Documents in the ANNIS Interface
  9. QTLeap WSD/NED Corpora: Semantic Annotation of Parallel Corpora in Six Languages
  10. The Event and Implied Situation Ontology (ESO): Application and Evaluation
  11. Tools and Guidelines for Principled Machine Translation Development
  12. TweetMT: A Parallel Microblog Corpus
  13. Two Architectures for Parallel Processing of Huge Amounts of Text
  14. Word Sense-Aware Machine Translation: Including Senses as Contextual Features for Improved Translation Models

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