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Course: Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing (4,5 ECTS, February)

Are the meanings of these two words related? (Eneko’s Google Award 2015)

Course: Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing

Course open to anyone, see details and pre-requisite information below.
Deep Learning neural network models have been successfully applied to natural language processing, and are now changing radically how we interact with machines (Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, […]

Nora Aranberri: Machine Translation for Translators (Innsbruck, 2016-07-20)

Our colleague Nora Aranberri has been the lecturer in the workshop on “Machine Translation for Translators: Taking Advantage of the New Technology” at SummerTrans 2016.

The International Translation Summer School SummerTrans, was founded in Innsbruck in 2004.  From 11 to 20 July 2016 the University of Innsbruck hosted the 7th International Translation SummerSchool “SummerTrans VII: Quality […]

Codefest summer­lab aims to revitalise resource ­scarce language (Donostia, July 4-8)

Donostia / San Sebastian 2016 European Capital of Culture represents an enormous opportunity to turn the focus on culture and dialogue as the roads towards improved coexistence. Thus, Donostia / San Sebastian aims to become a benchmark in the sphere of creative processes and culture.

Inside the programme, we are organising Codefest: Coding for Language Communities […]

Course: Language Processing Applications (9 ECTS, on Fridays)

Course on Language Processing Applications:

Machine Translation
Web searching and Text Mining
Education and NLP


February-June, on Fridays (15:00 – 18:30)
English (9 ECTS)
Basque (7,5 ECTS + 1,5 ECTS in English)

Embedded in a masters’ degree

Shared contents with the Language Analysis and Processing (HAP-LAP) Master’s Programme (90 ECTS).
Possibility of being incorporated to the Masters’ degree in the […]