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Visitor: Andrea Horbach, Automatic scoring

Andrea Horbach is visiting San Sebastian within the enetCollect network on crowdsourcing for language learning, as part of an ongoing collaborating with Itziar Aldabe, Oier Lopez de Lacalle and Montse Maritxalar about evaluating manually as well as automatically generated reading comprehension questions.

Andrea Horbach is a researcher at the Language Technology Lab headed by Prof. Torsten […]

Talk: Neural Networks and Linguistics. Talking Past Each Other? (M. Hulden, 2018-11-08)

Speaker: Mans Hulden, University of Colorado.
When: Thursday, 8 November
12:00 – 1:00pm
Where:Ada Lovelace aretoan.

Description: Neural networks have led to previously unimaginable advances in NLP engineering tasks. The main criticism against them from a linguistic point of view is that neural models – while fine for “language engineering tasks” – are thought of as being black boxes, […]

Talk: Karelian dialects, how to study variation between closely related languages? (I. Moshnikov, 2018-06-19)

Speaker: Ilia Moshnikov
…………Karelian Institute (Joensuu)
Date: Tuesday,June 19, 2018
Time: 15:00-16:00
Place: UPV/EHUko Informatika Fakultatea, Manuel de Lardizabal 1, 20018 Donostia (map)
Title:  Variants of the active past participle in the Border Karelian dialects:
how to study variation between closely related languages?

Karelian languages (Wikipedia)

During my visit I would like to present my research interests. I will speak about my […]

Talk: The Open Multilingual Wordnet (F. Bond., 2018-06-13)

Speaker: Francis Bond.
…………Division of Linguistics and Multilingual Studies,
…………Nanyang Technological University. Singapore
Date: June 13, 2018
Time: 15:00
Place: UPV/EHUko Informatika Fakultatea, Manuel de Lardizabal 1, 20018 Donostia (map)
Title: The Open Multilingual Wordnet


In this talk I introduce the Open Multilingual Wordnet, a large lexical network of words grouped into concepts and linked by typed semantic relations. The […]

Talk: Computational explorations of creative language (C. Strapparava, 2017-07-07)

Speaker: Carlo Strapparava
…………….FBK-irst (Fondazione Bruno Kessler – Istituto per la ricerca scientifica e Tecnologica)
Date: July 7, 2017,
Time: 09:30
Place: UPV/EHUko Informatika Fakultatea, Manuel de Lardizabal 1, 20018 Donostia (map)
Title: Computational explorations of creative language


Dealing with creative language and in particular with affective, persuasive and even humorous language has often been considered outside the scope […]

Neural Machine Translation. Open workshop with Kyunghyun Cho (2017-05-29)

Neural Machine Translation
Open workshop with Kyunghyun Cho
Donostia, 2017-05-29

Trends in Neural Machine Translation (Olof Mogren, 2016)

The third generation of machine translation systems is currently under active development. After initially dominating the field, rule-based machine translation (RBMT) systems have been gradually replaced by data-driven approaches in the last two decades, with statistical machine translation (SMT) systems […]

Video: HAP-LAP master thesis (Mikel Artetxe)

Last week Mikel Artetxe presented his thesis at HAP-LAP master.

The presentation can be seen here:


Distributional Semantics and Machine Learning for Statistical Machine Translation
Author: Mikel Artetxe Zurutuza
Supervisors: Eneko Agirre eta Gorka Labaka


Talk: Clinical text mining (H. Dalianis, 2016-04-06)

Talk: Clinical text mining at Stockholm University and at other research groups in Europe.
Speaker: Hercules Dalianis,  Stockholm University.
When: Wed, 6 April, 3pm – 4pm

Where: Faculty of informatics, room 3.2 gelan   map


Healthcare has many challenges in form of monitoring and predicting adverse events as healthcare associated infections or adverse drug events. When and how […]

Talk: Irish language technology (T. Linn, 2015/10/13)

Speaker: Teresa Lynn ADAPT Centre, School of Computing, Dublin City University
Data: October 13th 2015, Tuesday
Time: 15:00-16:00
Room: 3.2 room. Faculty of Informatics (UPV/EHU)
Title: Overview of the current status of Irish language technology

The Irish government have asked a group (two members from Dublin City University, and three from Trinity College Dublin) to compile a digital strategy for Irish […]

Talk: Medical Natural Language Processing (Jon Patrick, 2015/06/24)

Speaker: Jon Patrick (The University of Sydney)
Data: June 24th 2015, Wednesday
Time: 12:00
Room: 3.2 room. Faculty of Informatics (UPV/EHU)
Title: Medical Natural Language Processing