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One of the best three papers on Clinical NLP in 2017 was published by Ixa Group

A paper written by IXA members Arantza Casillas, Koldo Gojenola, Maite Oronoz and Alicia Perez, among the 3 best papers published in 2017 in the field of clinical Natural Language Processing.

The paper entitled “Semi-supervised medical entity recognition: A study on Spanish and Swedish clinical corpora“, by Pérez A, Weegar R, Casillas A, Gojenola K, Oronoz […]

Talk: Clinical text mining (H. Dalianis, 2016-04-06)

Talk: Clinical text mining at Stockholm University and at other research groups in Europe.
Speaker: Hercules Dalianis,  Stockholm University.
When: Wed, 6 April, 3pm – 4pm

Where: Faculty of informatics, room 3.2 gelan   map


Healthcare has many challenges in form of monitoring and predicting adverse events as healthcare associated infections or adverse drug events. When and how […]