International Conference on Neuroprotective Agents (13th ICNA Conference)

Icna_2The ICNA International Conference on Neuroprotective Agents is a series of biennial conferences began in 1991, and have been held throughout the U.S. and internationally. Each conference is held in a smaller venue, usually on the water, and the atmosphere is relaxed and informal. Almost every person attending is expected to present a paper relating to some aspect of neuroprotection, and to participate in discussions during each session.

These conferences are intended to bring together clinical and basic science researchers from many countries and disciplines in a common forum to address various approaches to neuroprotection, in most pleasant surroundings. It is within such a small and congenial structure that ideas and concepts can be most freely exchanged in a stimulating and relaxed venue and a high percentage of attendees are speakers or poster presenters. A relatively large number of speakers are afforded the opportunity to present their most recent data and views on neuroprotection.

We look forward to welcoming you to Bilbao, on September 18-21, 2016.

For more detailed information about the event visit:

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