Bilbao, October 7-9, 2011



As part of the commemorations of its centennial, the Royal Spanish Society of Mathematics (RSME) organized jointly with the European Mathematical Society (EMS) a Mathematical Weekend that was held in Bilbao from October 7 to 9, 2011. As is usual in the EMS Mathematical Weekends, the meeting began on Friday afternoon and ended on Sunday at lunch time. All mathematicians, from Europe and elsewhere, were warmly invited to participate.

As in previous editions of the EMS Mathematical Weekends, there were several special sessions where some of the most prominent researchers in their fields gave a talk. In this edition, these are the four topics that were selected for the special sessions: Groups and Representations, Symplectic Geometry, PDEs in Mechanics and Physics, and Functional Analysis Methods in Quantum Information. Also, there was a plenary talk delivered by Gabriel Navarro, from the University of Valencia (Spain), who was appointed EMS Distinguished Speaker by the European Mathematical Society. In addition, there was a poster session open to all participants.

You can find all the details of the meeting in this web. 

The Organizing Committee:
Gustavo A. Fernández Alcober
Luis Martínez Fernández
Josu Sangróniz Gómez
(University of the Basque Country)
The Program Committee:
Rui Loja Fernandes (Technical University of Lisbon)
Alexander Moretó Quintana (University of Valencia)
Silvie Paycha (Blaise Pascal University)
Joaquim Ortega Cerdá (University of Barcelona)
Luis Vega González (Chair, University of the Basque Country)