Carried out projects

Attitudes towards Basque language project ("Euskarari buruzko Jarrerak")

Following the agreement between UNESCO ETXEA and the Ministry of Linguistic Policy of the Basque Government (2006- 2008), the project on the linguistic attitudes towards Basque called "Euskarari buruzko Jarrerak" had the collaboration of this Chair. This project was finished in March 2009, with the publishing of a very actual and original report:

  • Amorrortu, E.; Ortega, A.; Idiazabal, I.; Barreña, A. (2009). Erdaldunen euskararekiko aurreiritziak eta jarrerak. Bilbao: Eusko Jaurlaritza/Gobierno Vasco.

The Spanish edition of this report, "Prejuicios y actitudes de los castellanohablantes hacia el euskera", is currently being revised and will be published shortly. 

Languages and Immigration ("Lenguas e Inmigración")

The Culture Department of the Basque Government and the "Hizkuntzen AMARAUNA" Technical Committee of UNESCO ETXEA organized the international seminar called "Lenguas e Inmigración". As an answer to the voices denouncing the loss of linguistic variety, the goal of the seminar was to get to know the new multilingual settings that are developing in the Basque Country. In that sense, we want to reinforce the adaptation of the immigrants by bringing them closer to the Basque language, and by encouraging them to learn this language while they keep their mother tongue. At the same time, some measures were proposed to manage the language diversity of the Basque Country, through the analysis of the experiences in the communities with minimized languages.

During 2007, IKUSPEGI and UNESCO ETXEA carried out a research on the languages that are spoken in the Basque Country due to immigration. The results were shown in the congress celebrated in Bilbao in the 23rd of may of 2008.

  • Uranga, B.; Aierdi, X.; Idiazabal, I.; Barreña, A.; Amorrortu, E.; Ortega, A. (2008). Hizkuntzak eta immigrazioa. Lenguas e inmigración. Bilbao: IKUSPEGI, Amarauna UNESCO Etxea, Cátedra UNESCO Patrimonio Lingüístico. ISBN: 978-84-9860-086-5.


Languages of America

Another iniciative that was carried out with help from the Department of Culture and granted by the Department of Housing and Social Affairs of the Basque Government, thanks to which the following work was published:

  • Uranga, B; Barreña, A.; Idiazabal, I.; Amorrortu, E.; Ortega, A.; Izagirre, E.(2007). Amerikako hizkuntza aniztasuna. Mexikotik Hego Konoraino - La diversidad lingüística en América. De México al Cono Sur. Donostia: Erein ISBN: 978-84-9746-410-9.


Words and Worlds:World Languages Review ("Palabras y Mundos: Informe sobre las lenguas del mundo")

It was born in the LINGUAPAX International Seminar about the Language Policies that was held in Leioa in 1996. In this seminar, former UNESCO Chairman Federico Mayor Zaragoza suggested making a research on the situation of the world languages. Precisely, Mr. Mayor Zaragoza stated the following:

There is a need for a first UNESCO review on the situation of the world languages that will describe the language richness of the planet, and that will explain the problems that languages around the world are facing, in order to promote the awareness of language heritage, to cooperate in the observation of the development of the languages and to recommend updated measures to protect languages still in use.

The project, called World Languages Review, was approved during the UNESCO General Assembly in 1997, and was funded by the Basque Country, after the Agreement- Memorandum that was signed the 23rd of July of 2007 by the Basque Government and UNESCO.