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The bugs reported in this section have been corrected in the date shown for each one. They are corrected even though no new version number is assigned to PyClimate. If you downloaded your versior prior to the date of the last bug we strongly recommed to download the package again and reinstall it to correct the bug.

Please, let us know any bug you find.

Bug track

2004 01 08
Several modules affected. Patch release: 1.2.1
writedat and tools were not loading the pyclimateexcpt module and, thus, PyClimate exceptions were not being catched by those modules.

The function detrend in mvarstatools module was not working due to missing parent module names for some of the Numeric and LinearAlgebra functions.

2003 06 04
There's a problem with the normalization of the coefficients in the Lanczos filter. For example, using LanczosFilter("lp",0.1,0.1,10), the coefficients sum to 1.01.
Similarly the coefficients of a high pass filter should sum to 0. At the moment one gets a non-zero high pass result even with a constant input.
This is true for low values of the number of coefficients of the filter. But, in this case a more serious problem arise: the filter doesn't filter correctly due to an enhanced Gibbs effect because of the mathematics of the problem (see Duchon, 1979). This bug has NOT yet been corrected. Therefore, the user is encouraged to use an adecuate number of coefficients in the filter.
(Bug reported by Martin Dix, who has also submitted a fix and test script: lftest.py)

2002 12 12
The module atmosphericmoisture.py announced in version 1.2 was not present in that distribution. The test crashes because of a missing file testDO.nc.
(Bug reported by Nicolas Fauchereau)

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Web site bugs

2002 12 11
An error raised when accessing the APMG 2001 section due to a lacking style sheet file (pyclimate.css). (Bug reported by Uwe Ulbrich)

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