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Here you can download the latest version of PyClimate. You can do it from a

Now available: Pyclimate version 1.2.1

No previous version is needed. PyClimate 1.2.1 has full backward compatibility.
The file reference.cdf is only needed to test the software and is (hopefully) automatically downloaded if the test is run and the file does not exist in the working directory. We say "hopefully" because if you are working behind a proxy server you may have to set the shell variable http_proxy to the value of the proxy server to get the file downloaded.

Anyway, you still have access to the older versions.

Installing the package

Since version 1.0 PyClimate is distributed using distutils. In order to install the package

  1. Untar the file
            $ gunzip PyClimate-1.2.tar.gz
            $ tar xf PyClimate-1.2.tar
            $ cd PyClimate-1.2
  2. Install the package by running
            $ python setup.py install
    for a general installation, or
            $ python setup.py install --home=/local/directory/path
    for a local one (in this latter case the /local/directory/path must be added to the PYTHONPATH environmental variable)

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