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Here, you have the typical collection of links:
  • Python
    Everything you wanted to know about Python but you were afraid to ask...
  • Numerical Python
    Fast matricial computations for Python.
  • Scientific Python by Konrad Hinsen
    Several (very useful) Python modules for Scientific computation They are required to be able to run PyClimate.
  • dcdflib.c
    It is currently distributed with PyClimate because it is not very easy to find it, but this link should be used in any case to test for newer versions of the original library.
  • GNUPlot
    A command line plotting program. Very powerful.
  • GrADS
    Grid Analysis and Display System. A powerful and easy to use visualization program.
  • GMT
    Generic Mapping Tools. A more powerful and not so easy to use visualization program.
  • CDAT
    Climate Data Analysis Tool. Another Python based tool for climate data management.
  • mtaCDF
    And another Python based tool for climate data management. This always uses netCDF format.
  • dislin
    DISLIN is a high-level plotting library for displaying data as curves, bar graphs, pie charts, 3D-color plots, surfaces, contours and maps. You can use it under Python as well as under many other lenguajes including C and FORTRAN.

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