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 Pre - January 2000 information

99/02/01: Newsletter:   BAA report from John Rogers, tracking info and ALPO alerts from John McAnally, new IJW lab discipline info from Julie Moses, images from Don Parker.

98/12/07: Newsletter:   Recent Images/Info from John McAnally, Don Parker and Tom Richards

98/11/13: Newsletter:   Recent Images/Info from Paolo Tanga, Don Parker and John McAnally

98/11/09: Newsletter:   Saturn Storm Images/Info, Recent Images/Info from Don Parker and John McAnally, Observing Schedules

98/11/02: Newsletter:   Appeal for Observing Schedules, Recent Images/Info from Don Parker and John McAnally

98/10/05: Newsletter:   Recent Images/Info from Don Parker, John McAnally and Carlos Hernandez, DPS Info

98/09/24: Newsletter:   Recent Images from Don Parker

98/09/15: Newsletter:   Call for Ideas for use of HST during Upcoming Leonid Storm

98/09/04: Newsletter:   Recent Communications

98/08/12: Newsletter:   Recent Communications about the White Ovals, GRS and SEB activity, STB dark spot

98/05/22: Newsletter:   Recent Communications about the White Ovals

97/10/31: Newsletter:   Galileo E11 Schedule

97/09/17: Newsletter:   Galileo SSI G1 Images Available, Galileo C10 Schedule, Victor Tejfel

97/07/21: Newsletter:   DPS97 Session, Reports from John Rogers

97/07/02: Newsletter:   DPS97 Session, Reports from Yuichi Iga and John Rogers

97/06/25: Newsletter:   Images from Don Parker

97/06/13: Newsletter:   Update on DPS97 session

97/06/12: Newsletter:   DPS97 session, more Galileo C9 support

97/06/11: Newsletter:   Galileo C9 support

97/06/06: Newsletter:   DPS97, Recently added images

97/05/28: Newsletter:   Reports from Sada and Hernandez

97/05/27: Newsletter:   Reports from Miyazaki, Sada and Rogers

97/05/23: Newsletter:   Red Spot Report from Carlos Hernandez

97/05/22: Newsletter:   More Red Spot Observations

97/05/20: Newsletter:   Continued input on the STrZ Oval/Red Spot Interaction

97/05/19: Newsletter:   Messages concerning appearance of bright cloud system within STrZ

97/05/09: Newsletter:   Results of support images for Galileo G7 observations, G8 Encounter Plans

97/04/01: Newsletter:   G7 Encounter sequence

97/01/28: Newsletter:   Support of E4, This Week on Galileo, Discovery of historical impact?

96/12/18: Newsletter:   Various Galileo updates

96/11/25: Newsletter:   Support of C3, Saturn images from Don Parker, Hubble Space Telescope images of Jupiter

96/11/11: Newsletter:   Today on Galileo, AGU session, BAA report, PUMAS

96/11/11: Longitude Conversion Tables

96/11/01: C3 encounter timeline and Galileo mission status from Glenn Orton


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