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The following are recent publications related to the study of the giant planet's atmospheres and their observation. More information (abstracts, journals and the own papers when available) will be added in a regular basis.


Liao, X.H.; Zhang, K.; Earnshaw, P.
On the viscous damping of inertial oscillation in planetary fluid interiors.
Phys. Earth Planet In.  128, (Dec 2001) 125-136. [abstract] [article] [Journal]

Bézard, B.; Drossart, P.; Encrenaz, T.; Feuchtgruber, H.
Benzene on the Giant Planets.
Icarus.  154, (Dec 2001) 492–500. [Journal]

Hartmann, J.M.; Boulet, C.; Brodbeck, C.; Van Thank, N.; Fouchet, T.; Drossart, P.
A far wing lineshape for H-2 broadened CH4 infrared transitions.
J. Quant. Spectrosc. Ra.  72, (Jan 2002) 117-122. [abstract] [article] [Journal]

Lorenz, R.D.; Renno, N.O.
Work output of planetary atmospheric engines: dissipation in clouds and rain
Geophys. Res. Lett.  29 (2), (Jan 2002) 29–32.

Takehiro, S.; Lister J.R.
Surface zonal flows induced by thermal convection trapped below a stably stratified layer in a rapidly rotating spherical shell
Geophys. Res. Lett.  29 (16), (Aug 2002) 25–28.

Boss, A.P.
Formation of gas and ice giant planets
Earth Planet Sc. Lett.  202 (3-4), (Sep 2002) 513–523.

Hubbard, W.B.; Burrows, A.; Lunine, J.I.
Theory of giant planets
Annu. Rev. Astron. Astr.  40, (2002) 103–136.

Fouchet, T.; Lellouch, E.; Feuchtgruber, H.
The hydrogen ortho-to-para ratio in the stratospheres of the giant planets
Icarus.  161, (Jan 2003) 127–143. [Journal]

Yano, J.I.; Talagrand, O.; Drossart, P.
Outer planets: Origins of atmospheric zonal winds
Nature  421 (6918), (Jan 2003) 36.

Encrenaz, T.
ISO observations of the giant planets and Titan: what have we learnt?
Planet Space Sci.  51 (2), (Feb 2003) 89–103.

Cooray, A.R.; Elliot, J.L.
Scintillation caustics in planetary occultation light curves
Astrophys. J.  587 (2), (Apr 2003) L121–L124.

Franklin, F.A.; Soper, P.R.
Some effects of mean motion resonance passage on the relative migration of Jupiter and Saturn
Astron. J.  125 (5), (May 2003) 2678-2691.



Tejfel, V.G.; Kharitonova, G.A.; Glushkova, E.A.; Sinyaeva, N.V.
Variation of methane absorption over the Jovian disk from the data of zonal CCD spectrophotometry.
Solar Sys. Res.  35, (Jul-Aug 2001) 261-277. [abstract] [article] [Journal]

Dintrans, B. and Ouyed R.
On Jupiter's inertial mode oscillations.
Astron. Astrophys.  375, (Aug 2001) L47-L50. [abstract] [article] [Journal]

Atkinson, D. H.
The Galileo Jupiter probe doppler wind experiment.
Solar Sys. Res.  35, (Sep-Oct 2001) 354-375. [abstract] [article] [Journal]

Gautier, D.; Hersant, F.; Mousis, O.; Lunine, J.I.
Enrichments in volatiles in Jupiter: A new interpretation of the Galileo measurements.
Astrophys. J.  559, (Oct 2001) L183. [abstract] [article] [Journal]

Turkington, B.; Majda, A.; Haven, K.; DiBattista, M.
Statistical equilibrium predictions of jets and spots on Jupiter.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.  98, (Oct 2001) 12346-12350. [Journal]

Harrington, J.; Deming, D.
Models of the Shoemaker-Levy 9 impacts. I. Ballistic Monte Carlo plume.
Astrophys. J.  561, (Nov 2001) 455-467. [abstract] [article] [Journal]

Deming, D.; Harrington, J.
Models of the Shoemaker-Levy 9 impacts. II. Radiative-hydrodynamic modeling of the plume splashback.
Astrophys. J.  561, (Nov 2001) 468-480. [abstract] [article] [Journal]

Simon-Miller, A.; Banfield, D.; Gierasch, P.J.
Color and the vertical structure in Jupiter’s belts, zones, and weather systems.
Icarus.  154, (Dec 2001) 459–474. [Journal]

Williams, G.P.
Jovian Dynamics. Part II: The genesis and equilibration of vortex sets.
J. A. S.  59, (8) 1356–1370. [abstract] [Journal]

Wicht, J.; Jones, C.A.; Zhang, K.
Instability of zonal flows in rotating spherical shells: An application to Jupiter.
Icarus.  155, (Feb 2002) 425–435. [Journal]

Irwin, P.G.J.; Dyudina, U.
The retrieval of cloud structure maps in the equatorial region of Jupiter using a Principal Component Analysis of Galileo/NIMS data.
Icarus.  156, (Mar 2002) 52–63. [Journal]

Simon-Miller, A.A.; Gierasch, P.J.; Beebe, R.F.; Conrath, B.; Flasar, F.M.; Achterberg, R.K.; the Cassini CIRS Team
New observational results concerning Jupiter's Great Red Spot
Icarus.  158, (Jul 2002) 249–266. [Journal]

Friedson, A.J.; Wong, Ah-San; Yung, Y.L.
Models for polar haze formation in Jupiter's stratosphere
Icarus.  158, (Aug 2002) 389–400. [Journal]

Bosak, T.; Ingersoll, A.P.
Shear instabilities as a probe of Jupiter's atmosphere
Icarus.  158, (Aug 2002) 401–409. [Journal]

Magalhães, J.A.; Seiff, A.; Young, R.E.
The stratification of Jupiter's troposphere at the Galileo Probe Entry Site
Icarus.  158, (Aug 2002) 410–433. [Journal]

Bouchet, F.; Sommeria, J.
Emergence of intense jets and Jupiter's Great Red Spot as maximum-entropy structures
J. Fluid Mech.  464, (Aug 2002) 165-207.

Baines, K.H.; Carlson, R.W.; Kamp, L.W.
Fresh ammonia ice clouds in Jupiter. I. Spectroscopic identification, spatial distribution, and dynamical implications
Icarus.  159, (Sep 2002) 74–94. [Journal]

Bézard, B.; Lellouch, E.; Strobel, D.; Maillard, J.P.; Drossart, P.
Carbon monoxide on Jupiter: Evidence for both internal and external sources
Icarus.  159, (Sep 2002) 95–111. [Journal]

Lellouch, E.; Bézard, B.; Moses, J.I.; Davis, G.R.; Drossart, P.; Feuchtgruber, H.; Bergin, E.A.; Moreno, R.; Encrenaz, T.
The origin of water vapor and carbon dioxide in Jupiter's stratosphere
Icarus.  159, (Sep 2002) 112–131. [Journal]

Hueso, R.; Sanchez-Lavega, A.; Guillot, T.
A model for large-scale convective storms in Jupiter
J. Geophys. Res. - planets.  107 (E10), (Oct 2002) NIL_45-NIL_55.

Lineweaver, C.H.; Grether, D.
The observational case for Jupiter being a typical massive planet
Astrobiology  2 (3), (fall 2002) 325-334.

Morales-Juberνas, R.; Sαnchez-Lavega, A.; Lecacheux, J.; Colas, F.
A comparative study of Jovian cyclonic features from a six-year (1994–2000) survey
Icarus.  160, (Dec 2002) 325–335. [Journal]

Dyudina, U.A.; Ingersoll, A.P.; Vasavada, A.R.; Ewald, S.P.; and the Galileo SSI Team
Monte Carlo radiative transfer modeling of lightning observed in Galileo images of Jupiter
Icarus.  160, (Dec 2002) 336–349. [Journal]

Yano, J.I.
Thermal wind balance with full geostrophy: Comments on "Large scale geostrophic winds with a full representation of the coriolis forcep. Application to IR observations of the upper Jovian troposphere" by M. de la Torre Juarez, B.M. Fisher and G.S. Orton
Geophys. Astro. Fluid.  96 (5), (2002) 425-429.

Klaasen, K.P.; Breneman, H.H.; Simon-Miller, A.A.; Banfield, D.; Levanas, G.C.
Operations and calibration of the solid-state imaging system during the Galileo extended mission at Jupiter
Optical Engineering  42 (2), (Feb 2003) 494-509.

Atreya, S.K.; Mahaffy, P.R.; Niemann, H.B.; Wong, M.H.; Owen, T.C.
Composition and origin of the atmosphere of Jupiter - an update, and implications for the extrasolar giant planets
Planet Space Sci.  51 (2), (Feb 2003) 105–112.

Young, R.E.
The Galileo probe: How it has changed our understanding of Jupiter
New Astronomy Reviews  47 (1), (Mar 2003) 1–51.

Esposito, L.
Cassini imaging at Jupiter
Science  299 (5612), (Mar 2003) 1529-1530.

Porco, C.C.; West, R.A.; McEwen, A.; Del-Genio, A.D.; Ingersoll, A.P.; Thomas, P.; Squyres, S.; Dones, L.; Murray, C.D.; Johnson, T.V.; Burns, J.A.; Brahic, A.; Neukum, G.; Veverka, J.; Barbara J.M.; Denk, T.; Evans, M.; Ferrier, J.J.; Geissler, P.; Helfenstein, P.; Roatsch, T.; Throop, H.; Tiscareno, M.; Vasavada, A.R.
Cassini imaging of Jupiter's atmosphere, satellites, and rings
Science  299 (5612), (Mar 2003) 1541-1547.

Youssef, A.; Marcus, P.S.
The dynamics of jovian White Ovals from formation to merger
Icarus.  162, (Mar 2003) 74–94. [Journal]

Raynaud, E.; Drossart, P.; Matcheva, K.; Sicardy, B.; Hubbard, W.B.; Roques, F.; Widemann, T.H.; Gladstone, G.R.; Waite, J.H.; Nadeau, D.; et al.
The 10 October 1999 HIP 9369 occultation by the northern polar region of Jupiter: Ingress and egress lightcurves analysis
Icarus.  162, (Apr 2003) 344–361. [Journal]



Lara, L.M.; Banaszkiewicz, M.; Rodrigo, R.; Lopez-Moreno, J.J.
The CH4 density in the upper atmosphere of Titan
Icarus.  158, (Jul 2002) 191–198. [Journal]

Sanchez-Lavega, A.
Observations of Saturn's ribbon wave 14 years after its discovery
Icarus.  158, (Jul 2002) 272–275. [Journal]

Tokano, T.; Neubauer, F.M.
Tidal winds on Titan caused by Saturn
Icarus.  158, (Aug 2002) 499–515. [Journal]

Marten, A.; Hidayat, T.; Biraud, Y.; Moreno, R.
New millimeter heterodyne observations of Titan: Vertical distributions of nitriles HCN, HC3N, CH3CN, and the isotopic ratio 15N/14N in its atmosphere
Icarus.  158, (Aug 2002) 532–544. [Journal]

Rannou, P.; Hourdin, F.; McKay, C.P.
A wind origin for Titan's haze structure
Nature  418 (6900), (Aug 2002) 853-856.

Mousis, O.; Gautier, D.; Coustenis, A.
The D/H ratio in methane in Titan: Origin and history
Icarus.  159, (Sep 2002) 156–165. [Journal]

Lebonnois, S.; Bakes, E.L.O.; McKay, C.P.
Transition from gaseous compounds to aerosols in Titan's atmosphere
Icarus.  159, (Oct 2002) 505–517. [Journal]

Khare, B.N.; Bakes, E.L.O.; Imanaka, H.; McKay, C.P.; Cruikshank, D.P.; Arakawa, E.T.
Analysis of the time-dependent chemical evolution of Titan haze tholin
Icarus.  160, (Nov 2002) 172–182. [Journal]

Sαnchez-Lavega, A.; Pιrez-Hoyos, S.; Acarreta, J.R.; French, R.G.
No Hexagonal Wave around Saturn's Southern Pole
Icarus.  160, (Nov 2002) 216–219. [Journal]

Molina-Cuberos, G.J.; Schwingenschuh, K.; Lopez-Moreno, J.J.; Rodrigo, R.; Lara, L.M.; Anicich, V.
Nitriles produced by ion chemistry in the lower ionosphere of Titan
J. Geophys. Res. - planets  107 (E11), (Nov 2002) 119-129.

Lemmon, M.T.; Smith, P.H.; Lorenz, R.D.
Methane Abundance on Titan, Measured by the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph
Icarus.  160, (Dec 2002) 375–385. [Journal]

Jurac, S.; McGrath, M.A.; Johnson, R.E.; Richardson, J.D.; Vasyliunas, V.M.; Eviatar, A.
Saturn: Search for a missing water source
Geophys. Res. Lett.  29 (24), (Dec 2002) 1–4.

Roe, H.G.; de Pater, I.; Macintosh, B.A.; McKay, C.P.
Titan's clouds from Gemini and Keck adaptive optics imaging
Astrophys. J.  581 (2), (Dec 2002) 1399-1406.

Brown, M.E.; Bouchez, A.H.; Griffith, C.A.
Direct detection of variable tropospheric clouds near Titan's south pole
Nature  420 (6917), (Dec 2002) 795-797.

Dobrijevic, M.; Ollivier, J.L.; Billebaud, F.; Brillet, J.; Parisot, J.P.
Effect of chemical kinetic uncertainties on photochemical modeling results: Application to Saturn's atmosphere
Astron. Astrophys.  398 (1), (Jan 2003) 335-344.

Coustenis, A.; Salama, A.; Schulz, B.; Ott, S.; Lellouch, E.; Encrenaz, T.; Gautier, D.; Feuchtgruber, H.
Titan's atmosphere from ISO mid-infrared spectroscopy
Icarus.  161, (Feb 2003) 383–403. [Journal]

Bakes, E.L.O.; Lebonnois, S.; Bauschlicher, C.W.; McKay, C.P.
The role of submicrometer aerosols and macromolecules in H2 formation in the Titan haze
Icarus.  161, (Feb 2003) 468–473. [Journal]

Lebonnois, S.; Bakes, E.L.O.; McKay, C.P.
Atomic and molecular hydrogen budget in Titan's atmosphere
Icarus.  161, (Feb 2003) 474–485. [Journal]

Wilson, E.H.; Atreya, S.K.; Coustenis, A.
Mechanisms for the formation of benzene in the atmosphere of Titan
J. Geophys. Res. - planets  108 (E2), (Feb 2003) 1-10.

Lorenz, R.D.; Dooley, J.M.; West, J.D.; Fujii, M.
Backyard spectroscopy and photometry of Titan, Uranus and Neptune
Planet Space Sci.  51 (2), (Feb 2003) 113-125.

Samuelson, R.E.
Titan's atmospheric engine: An overview
Planet Space Sci.  51 (2), (Feb 2003) 127-145.

Barth, E.L.; Toon, O.B.
Microphysical modeling of ethane ice clouds in Titan's atmosphere
Icarus.  162, (Mar 2003) 95–114. [Journal]

Tran, B.N.; Ferris, J.P.; Chera, J.J.
The photochemical formation of a Titan haze analog. Structural analysis by X-ray photoelectron and infrared spectroscopy
Icarus.  162, (Mar 2003) 115–125. [Journal]

Lellouch, E.; Coustenis, A.; Sebag, B.; Cuby, J.G.; Lσpez-Valverde, M.; Schmitt, B.; Fouchet, T.; Crovisier, J.
Titan's 5-small mu, Greekm window: observations with the Very Large Telescope
Icarus.  162, (Mar 2003) 126–143. [Journal]

Griffith, C.A. ; Owen, T.; Geballe, T.R.; Rayner, J.; Rannou, P.
Evidence for the exposure of water ice on Titan's surface
Science  300 (5619), (Apr 2003) 628-630.

Chanover, N.J.; Anderson, C.M.; McKay, C.P.; Rannou, P.; Glenar, D.A.; Hillman, J.J.; Blass, W.E.
Probing Titan's lower atmosphere with acousto-optic tuning
Icarus.  163, (May 2003) 150–163. [Journal]

Lebonnois, S.; Hourdin, F.; Rannou, P.; Luz, D.; Toublanc, D.
Impact of the seasonal variations of composition on the temperature field of Titan's stratosphere
Icarus.  163, (May 2003) 164–174. [Journal]

Murphy, J.E.; Vakhtin, A.B.; Leone, S.R.
Laboratory kinetics of C2H radical reactions with ethane, propane, and n-butane at T=96–296 K: Implications for Titan
Icarus.  163, (May 2003) 175–181. [Journal]


Uranus and Neptune

Roe, H.G.; Gavel, D.; Max, C.; de Pater, I.; Gibbard, S.; Macintosh, B.; Baines, K.H.
Near-infrared observations of Neptune's tropospheric cloud layer with the Lick Observatory adaptive optics system.
Astron. J.  122, (Sep 2001) 1636-1643. [abstract] [article] [Journal]

Hammel, H.B.; Rages, K.; Lockwood, G.W.; Karkoschka, E.; de Pater, I.
New measurements of the winds of Uranus.
Icarus.  153, (Oct 2001) 229-235. [Journal]

Young, L.A.; Bosh, A.S.; Buie, M.; Elliot, J.L.; Wasserman, L.H.
Uranus after solstice: Results from the 1998 November 6 occultation.
Icarus.  153, (Oct 2001) 236-247. [Journal]

Gibbard, S.G.; Roe, H.; de Pater, I.; Macintosh, B.; Gavel, D.; Max, C.E.; Baines, K.H.; Ghez, A.
High-Resolution Infrared Imaging of Neptune from the Keck Telescope.
Icarus.  156, (Mar 2002) 1-15. [Journal]

Sromovsky, L.A.; Fry, P.M.; Baines, K.H.
The Unusual Dynamics of Northern Dark Spots on Neptune.
Icarus.  156, (Mar 2002) 16-36. [Journal]

Lockwood, G.W.; Thompson, D.T.
Photometric Variability of Neptune, 1972-2000.
Icarus.  156, (Mar 2002) 37-51. [Journal]

Rages, K.; Hammel, H.B.; Lockwood, G.W.
A prominent apparition of Neptune's South Polar Feature
Icarus.  159, (Sep 2002) 262-265. [Journal]

de Pater, I.; Gibbard, S.G.; Macintosh, B.A.; Roe, H.G.; Gavel, D.T.; Max, C.E.
Keck adaptive optics images of Uranus and its rings
Icarus.  160, (Dec 2002) 359–374. [Journal]

Max, C.E.; Macintosh, B.A.; Gibbard, S.G.; Gavel, D.T.; Roe, H.G.; de Pater, I.; Ghez, A.M.; Acton, D.S.; Lai O.; Stomski P.; Wizinowich P.L.
Cloud structures on Neptune observed with Keck Telescope adaptive optics
Astron. J.  125 (1), (Jan 2003) 364-375.

Feuchtgruber, H.; Encrenaz, T.
The infrared spectrum of Neptune at 3.5-4.1 microns: Search for H-3(+) and evidence for recent meteorological variations
Astron. Astrophys.  403 (1), (May 2003) L7-L10.

Sromovsky, L.A.; Fry, P.M.; Limaye, S.S.; Baines, K.H.
The nature of Neptune's increasing brightness: evidence for a seasonal response
Icarus.  163, (May 2003) 256–261. [Journal]


Extrasolar planets

Sanchez-Lavega, A.
A similarity approach to the atmospheric dynamics of giant extrasolar planets and brown dwarfs.
Astron. Astrophys.  377, (Oct 2001) 354-360. [abstract] [article] [Journal]

Lodders, K.; Fegley, B.
Atmospheric chemistry in giant planets, brown dwarfs, and low-mass dwarf stars: I. Carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen.
Icarus.  155, (Feb 2002) 393–424. [Journal]

Guillot, T.; Showman, A.P.
Evolution of  "51 Pegasus B-like" planets.
Astron. Astrophys.  385, (Apr 2002) 156-165. [abstract] [Journal]

Showman, A.P.; Guillot, T.
Atmospheric circulation and tides of  "51 Pegasus B-like" planets.
Astron. Astrophys.  385, (Apr 2002) 166-180. [abstract] [Journal]

Cooper, C.S.; Sudarsky, D.; Milsom, J.A.; Lunine, J.I.; Burrows, A.
Modeling the formation of clouds in brown dwarf atmospheres
Astrophys. J.  586 (2), (Apr 2003) 1320-1337.

Menou, K.; Cho, J.Y.K.; Seager, S.; Hansen, B.M.S.
"Weather" variability of close-in extrasolar giant planets
Astrophys. J.  587 (2), (Apr 2003) L113-L116.

Masset, F.S.; Papaloizou, J.C.B.
Runaway migration and the formation of hot Jupiters
Astrophys. J.  588 (1), (May 2003) 494-508.

Baraffe, I.; Chabrier, G.; Barman, T.S.; Allard, F.; Hauschildt, P.H.
Evolutionary models for cool brown dwarfs and extrasolar giant planets. The case of HD 209458
Astron. Astrophys.  402 (2), (May 2003) 701-712.


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