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 Jupiter images taken in 2001

  Last Update:  2002/Feb/09


The NASA Infrared Telescope Facility (IRTF), on Mauna Kea, Hawaii, has set aside some time at the beginning and end of every night that the NSFCAM facility infrared camera is mounted on the IRTF, and Jupiter is observable, for a standardized set of observations of Jupiter in support of the Galileo mission. Glenn Orton, the principle investigator, is providing IJW with the most recent IRTF images throughout the Cassini flyby of Jupiter. IRTF will obtain additional images from the facility near-ir camera, NSFCAM. The IRTF 2001 2nd semester schedule is posted at http://irtfweb.ifa.hawaii.edu/userSupport/schedule.html. For more about the program and filters, please read Caption.

Please click on the dates below to view the images.

2001/Nov/24 14 UT raw images 0.9 arcsecond seeing.
2001/Sep/14 13 UT Fair seeing.
2001/Aug/29 15 UT Fair seeing.
2001/Aug/07 19 UT Daylight observations with telescope top end "cooking" for a few hours. 1-2 arc-second seeing.
2001/Aug/06 19 UT Daylight observations. Poor seeing.

01/05/04 3 UT Daylight observations only 22 degrees from the sun. Poor seeing.
01/05/02 2 UT 01/05/02 4 UT Daylight observations only 22 degrees from the sun. Poor seeing.
01/05/01 23 UT Daylight observationsonly 22 degrees from the sun. Poor seeing.
01/04/26 4 UT raw images Fair seeing
01/04/19 4 UT raw images Fair seeing
01/03/08 2UT raw images 01/03/08 5UT raw images Good seeing
01/03/07 3UT raw images Some saturated, 01/03/07 5UT raw images Good seeing
01/03/06 4UT raw images 01/03/06 7UT raw images Good seeing
01/02/23 4UT raw images Good seeing
01/02/21 4UT raw images Good seeing
01/02/07 4UT raw images Good seeing
01/01/20 raw images Good seeing
01/01/19 raw images Good seeing
01/01/18 raw images Slightly out of focus
01/01/13 raw images Thick cirrus. Note that dark "splotches" are an attempt to remove the overwhelming flux of Io from the images.
01/01/12 raw images Some cirrus
01/01/11 raw images Good seeing
01/01/08 raw images Good seeing
00/12/30a   00/12/30b   00/12/30c Fair to good seeing
00/12/29a   00/12/29b   00/12/29c   00/12/29d   00/12/29e Fair to good seeing
00/12/19 raw images Good weather, high airmass, partial run.
00/12/18 raw images Good weather,
00/12/16 raw images Good weather
00/11/15 So-so weather
00/11/13 Intermittent cirrus,
00/11/12 Heavy cirrus - no images.  
00/10/05c   00/10/05b   00/10/05a
00/10/04b   00/10/04a
00/09/30   00/09/29   00/09/27   00/09/26   00/09/25   00/09/24   00/09/23


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