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  Last Update:  2004/Nov/03
  • 2004/10/25 Cassini-support images of Saturn.
    Padma Yamanadra-Fisher, and Glenn Orton (JPL) are scheduled to take Cassini-support images of Saturn in the middle-infrared (7-25 microns) and spectra in the near-infrared (1-5 microns) in the last week of October, 2-8 am (yes, in IR they can observe just after sunrise!). CCD imaging will be useful for comparisons at this time.

  • 2002/10/28 NASA/JPL Cassini-Huygens Saturn Observation Campaign - 2002 Opportunity to Participate.

  • 2000/12/13 Likely Galileo target may well be the main complex of the SEBn/EZs disturbance courtesy of John Rogers

  • 2000/10/31 IRTF/CIRS support schedule courtesy of Joe Harrington

  • 2000/10/31 Apache Point Observatory schedule courtesy of Nancy Chanover

  • 2000/10/10 Cassini feature track timeline courtesy of Amy Simon-Miller

  • 2000/09/28 gll_cassini.txt Galileo and Cassini schedule courtesy of Amy Simon-Miller.

Date: Fri 31 Mar 2000
From: John T Clarke   (clarke@engin.umich.edu)

   There will be coordinated observations by Cassini of the solar
wind approaching Jupiter in Dec. 2000 while HST makes observations
of the UV aurora.  Next, in Jan. 2001 Cassini will observe the
night side aurora while HST observes the day side.

   We have been granted 35 orbits for this program on HST, which is
an unusually large program.  This means that we will have a great
chance to study Jupiter next winter, and also that we are unlikely
to obtain a lot of time in the near future after this.  For both
reasons, I strongly encourage all other observers of Jupiter to
join us in this campaign of observations.

   Here are the requested observing times for this campaign:

Observations prior to closest approach
        Cassini solar wind times                HST observing times
1.      Day 344 19UT - Day 345 19UT             Day 345 11-19 UT
2.      Day 348 19UT - Day 349 19UT             Day 349 11-19 UT
3.      Day 350 19UT - Day 351 19UT             Day 351 11-19 UT
4.      Day 352 19UT - Day 353 19UT             Day 353 11-19 UT

Observations with Cassini ORS after closest approach
        Cassini ORS observing time              HST observing time
1.      CA+9d 6UT - CA+10d 2UT                  CA+9d 11-19 UT
2.      CA+14d 6UT - CA+15d 2UT                 CA+14d 11-19 UT
3.      CA+21d 6UT - CA+22d 2UT                 CA+21d 11-19 UT


- HST dates in Dec. 2000 are 10, 14, 16, 18 Dec.

- HST dates in Jan. 2001 are 8,13,20 Jan.

- CA = 30 Dec. 2000

Best regards,  John

IRTF Galileo Support Monitoring of Jupiter and Io The IRTF Galileo Monitoring Program has started observing for the current Jupiter apparition. The most recent images can be downloaded from the IRTF Online site http://irtf.ifa.hawaii.edu/online/galileo/. Additional IRTF Galileo Support observations are as follows. Observers: Glenn Orton, Brendan Fisher, Mark Vincent Instruments: NSFCAM, MIRLIN 2000 Oct 04 09:59 - 16:00 UT 2000 Oct 05 09:59 - 16:00 UT Observers: Glenn Orton, Brendan Fisher Instruments: NSFCAM, MIRLIN 2000 Dec 29 03:00 - 07:30 UT 2000 Dec 29 13:00 - 15:00 UT 2000 Dec 30 03:00 - 15:00 UT Please check the IRTF observing schedule, http://irmanoa1.ifa.hawaii.edu/userSupport/schedule.html, for dates regarding related planetary observations. 1. Encrenaz: SPEX on Uranus 2. Drossart: SPEX again 3. Yanamandra-Fisher: SPEX on Saturn 4. Bjoraker (21 & 22 Dec.): CSHELL on Jupiter - NH3 mapping at 5 micron 5. Harrington: MIRLIN on Jupiter in December.

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