Fiscal Treaty needs a protocol


This article is  new in respect to its repudiation of the one-size-fits-all approach taken so far in the Euro- pean integration process, in favour of a thoroughgoing orientation towards economic capabilities of individual states.. The article proposes to bring debt repayment paths and entitlements to benefit from the eurobond system In  addition it emphasizes the cash flows to be expected from a financial transaction tax earmarked for combating the recession and the regulation of internal European competition with regard to wages, taxes and social spending into line with the individual socioeconomic situation of the participating countries.  Signatura: Politica Tributaria 40.

Spain from A to BBB+


Standard & Poor’s downgraded Spain from A to BBB+ due to persistent investor concern. According to the International grading agency “the downgrade reflects our view of mounting risks to Spain’s net general government debt as a share of GDP in light of the contracting economy, in particular due to the deterioration in the budget deficit trajectory for 2011-2015”.

In its report Standard & Poor’s  announces further downgrades down the line, as Spain’s economy is expected to shrink by 1.5 percent this year, as opposed to 0.3 percent growth predictions a few months earlier.

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Regional Competitiveness: some conceptual issues and policy implications


Very often the conceptual issues related to the regional competitiveness have been automatically translated to the regional policy level. This has created many failures affecting regional policies  seeking to achieve competitiveness sustainable economic growth and well-being world-wide. (more…)

La Diputación de Gipuzkoa planea una reforma del Impuesto sobre Sociedades


La Diputación de Gipuzkoa planea una reforma del Impuesto sobre Sociedades que busca simplificar el tributo, restringir las deducciones y favorecer las deducciones para generar empleo. (more…)

The financial transaction tax will reduce State contributions to the EU


If adopted the financial transaction tax (FTT) will significantly reduce the contributions of member states to the EU budget. According to estimates presented last week by the European Commission, Member States’ contributions would be slashed by €54bn in 2020.