Ordered structures and topology: Insertion of functions, fuzzy metrics and uniformities, and pointfree topology.

Project supported by the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain
Grant number MTM2009-12872-C02-02
From January 1, 2010 untill December 31, 2012
Coordinated with the project entitled:
Construction of Fuzzy Quasi-Metrics, Complexity Distances, and Quantitative Domains. Applications
Coordinator: Salvador Romaguera (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia).

    Key words:
  • topological spaces, preordered topological spaces,
  • real-valued functions, insertion of functions, rings of functions, ordered rings, f-rings,
  • many valued topology, fuzzy quasi-metric, fuzzy uniformity,
  • pointfree topology, frames, locales, biframes,
  • lattice-valued frames, uniform and quasi-uniform frames, proximities, strong inclusions.