We are a research team of professors and scholars from the Faculty of Economics and Business at University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) in Bilbao with common views about excellence in research and teaching, and willing to welcome talented researchers from all over the world who wish to exchange their knowledge and expertise with ours. Please take a careful look at our web site and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question regarding MACLAB.

Research Lines

Demography and the Labour Market. This broad line of research embodies the labour market analysis of a variety of labour market groups, which to a greater or a lesser extent, face difficulties regarding their integration in the labour market. In addition, due to the important demographic changes that Spain is facing recently, all these groups are becoming, for different reasons, increasingly important in Spain. These are: (i) Women, (ii) Immigrants, (iii) Entrants in the labour market, and (iv) Older workers. [ + ]

Natural Resources and Environmental Economics. This research line address issues such as the optimal management of natural resources, the allocation of natural resources at different stages of economic development or the design of policies to correct inefficiencies caused by the misuse of  environmental goods and natural resources. [ + ]

Macroeconomics and Finance. This research team works on the analysis of financial markets and the interaction between these markets and the macroeconomy.  The analysis of financial markets covers a wide range of topics such as asset pricing, portfolio management and risk management, among others. The analysis of the interplay between financial markets and the macroeconomy mainly focus on the interaction between the monetary policy and financial markets. [ + ]

Macroeconomics and Economic Policy. This research line aims at analyzing the design of economic policies and the potential impact that these can exert on the economic activity from a broad perspective. In particular, three kinds of economic policies are considered: monetary policy, exchange rate policy and fiscal policy. [ + ]