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What is it?

The Machine Tool Unit is an advanced training initiative in the field of Machine-Tools and Manufacturing technologies at the Bilbao Faculty of Engineering of the University of the Basque Country.

As its name indicates, it is aimed at training in technologies of interest for all sectors of great importance in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country both in terms of economics and employment turnover, particularly in the Machine-Tool manufacturers' sector, which is the real axis and driving force of the Machine Tool Unit, not to mention component manufacturers and main Machine-Tool user sectors like: automotive, aeronautics, wind farms, precision mechanics, among others.

The Machine-Tool Sector in the Basque Country is very important and of long standing tradition. Moreover, it is always at the forefront of technological innovation, development of new machinery and endeavouring to open up new markets. Today it is facing new challenges and projects requiring technicians with solid training and innovative spirit. The Machine Tool Unit came about precisely because of this, likewise the agreement signed today: since R+D cannot be carried out with highly trained personal motivated in this way.

Thus, the Machine Tool Unit offers specialised training aimed at higher engineering students wishing to deepen their knowledge of this sector with strategic importance for society, characterised by its multidiscipline, i.e. machinery and its elements, machining processes, design, automation, innovation, management and ICT's. From this viewpoint the Machine Tool Unit has created its own qualification linked to a degree among the University of the Basque Country's own qualifications and aimed at final course students of Industrial, Systems and Automatic Engineering studies. The course is completed with practical training in companies and/or technological centres.

In addition to the training axis, the Machine-Tool and Manufacturing Technologies Machine Tool Unit is also a forum and melting pot of initiatives within the scope of R+D+i project development, seeking to boost the university-technological centre-company axis as the activating agent of new initiatives. The machine-tool and manufacturing technologies of the Bilbao Faculty Mechanical Engineering Dept. has over 15 years of intense activity in this field, in addition the Machine Tool Unit is a coherent initiative with the effort made in recent years.

Start-up of the Machine-Tool Unit implies different agents making an active commitment to society, starting with the University of the Basque Country and Basque Government through the Departments of Industry and Innovation, Education, Universities and Research. This initiative has been joined by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia via their Department of Innovation and Economic; the possible collaboration of the Provincial Council of Alava is expected.

Since the first contacts to carry out the Machine Tool Unit project it has been supported by the Spanish Association of Machine-Tool Manufacturers (AFM).

The teaching staff includes also technicians from Fatronik-Tecnalia, Ideko-IK4 and Tekniker-IK4, and also companies like Fagor Arrasate.

In other words, the Machine Tool Unit is a definite bet of the UPV/EHU, the Basque Government and Bizkaia Provincial Council to act on the innovation in our production system taking into the account the main change factor, i.e. to have qualified personnel equipped from their training in the idea of technological evolution and on-going improvement.