Vasconia en el siglo XII: Roger de Howden, el "De Viis Maris" y la extensión del vizcondado de Bayona / Vasconia in the XII Century: Roger de Howden, "De viis maris" and the expanse of the viscounty of Bayonne

Íñigo Ruiz Arzalluz


De viis maris, a text that remained unknown until the edition published by Gautier Dalché in 2005, is a maritime itinerary composed about 1191-1193 and ascribed to the English historian Roger de Howden, who provides some data related to the Vasconia of that time and, particularly, about the expanse of the viscounty of Bayonne. An insufficient information on this subject was present also in the Chronica by the same Howden: the work, printed in 1596 and 1601, was known to Oihenart, who included the detail in his Notitia utriusque Vasconiae and drew erroneous conclusions that gave rise to controversy in the Basque historiography through the subsequent centuries and that have occasionally survived until today.

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