Dr. Pedro Castano -
Associate Professor
Image: Methylbenzene trapped within SAPO-34 structure
© Pedro C.

My research focuses on engineering fuels and chemicals sustainably, converting pollutants and wastes (carbon dioxide, biomass, lignin, plastic wastes, used tires or refinery residues) into useful products (hydrogen, olefins, platform chemicals or fuels).

My specific goals are: (1) enhance the understanding and viability of sustainable routes for waste valorization and pollutant elimination, (2) engineering and development of heterogeneous catalyst implicated in sustainable production of fuels and chemicals, (3) understanding the fundamental relationships between structure, performance and deactivation of heterogeneous catalyst, (4) design and engineering of advanced systems for conversion (reactors and catalyst), analysis and modeling; accounting kinetics, hydrodynamics, deactivation and regeneration phenomena.

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Previous Employers:

  1. BulletDelft University of Technology, TUDelft

  2. BulletThe University of Western Ontario, UWO

  3. BulletMassachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT

Research interests:

Catalysis science & engineering, chemical reactor design, new sources of fuels and chemicals, bio-refinery, catalyst deactivation, fluid catalytic cracking, waste-refinery, zeolites, catalyst characterization, multiphase reactors, modeling reactor kinetics and hydrodynamics, fluid dynamics, zeolites, high throughput experimentation (HTE), bifunctional catalyst, hydrocracking, hydroprocessing, spectroscopy and spectroscopic techniques for characterizing surfaces, catalyst and adsorbates, transport phenomena, new synthesis routes of catalyst, low sulphur and low aromatic gasoline and diesel, coke formation, ...

Principal Investigator

  1. BulletResearch lines related with catalyst deactivation by coke in sustainable chemical processes like steam reforming of oxygenates, cracking of oxygenates using zeolites, dimethyl-ether synthesis using CO2, waste hydrocracking among others: CTQ2010-19623 & CTQ2013-46172-P

  2. BulletResearch lines related with plastic and tire valorization using revamped refinery processes targeting high quality fuels and chemicals: S-DI11UN004 & SA-2013/00173


  1. BulletBasics of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (BSc, ChemE & BioTech, 1st year)

  2. BulletChemical Reactor Design (BSc, ChemE & BioTech, 3rd year)

  3. BulletRefinery and Petrochemical Technology (MSc, ChemE, 1st year)

  4. BulletControl and Instrumentation of Chemical Processes (BSc, ChemE, 3rd year)

  5. BulletProduct and Process Engineering (BSc, ChemE, 3rd year)

  6. BulletNumerical Methods for Chemical Engineers (BSc, ChemE , 2nd year)

  7. Bullet...


  1. BulletAmerican Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

  2. BulletAmerican Chemical Society (ACS)

  3. BulletSpanish Society of Catalysis (SECAT)

  4. BulletSpanish Royal Society of Chemistry (RSEQ)

  5. BulletAmerican Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Consultancy, advising and coordination:

  1. BulletDNV GL - Business Assurance, Industrial R+D Project Consultant

  2. BulletEQA, Industrial R+D Project Consultant

  3. BulletAdvising a research group of about 1-2 Postdocs, 3-4 PhDs, 1-3 MSc and 1-3 BSc

  4. BulletCoordinator of 1st year of ChemE BSc