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General information

XCrySDen is a crystalline and molecular structure visualisation program, which aims at display of isosurfaces and contours, which can be superimposed on crystalline structures and interactively rotated and manipulated.

How to use

To use XCrySDen execute:


More information

XCrySDen web orrialdea.


5.0.9 version of Gaussview, GUI to create and analyze Gaussian jobs. In order to use it, execute:


We strongly recommend to use it through an NX-client in Guinness. You can find information about how to configure NX-client correctly in the  following step by step guide.


General information

Maestro is the unified interface for all Schrödinger software. Impressive rendering capabilities, a powerful selection of analysis tools, and an easy-to-use design combine to make Maestro a versatile modeling environment for all researchers.

In Ginness and Péndulo servers 9.0 version is installed, Maiz has the 8.5 version. We recommend to use Guinness to run Maestro, is the newest server and which support lastest versions.

How to use

Maestro is going to use graphical applications so the researcher must ensure that can open this windows in his computer. How to do this is explained in the access guide of the service.

To execute Maestro run in the terminal


More information

Maestro web page.

Schrödinger web page.