Current staff

Dr. Aitor Larraņaga
Position: Assistant Lecturer
Phone:+34 946018454
Links: Google Scholar, CV, Research Gate

Research interests

My main interest is describing the impacts of human activities in stream communities, taking into account a wide range of approaches, from laboratory experiments to field observational and manipulative works. I focus on linking the traditional gap between the ecotoxicological-biochemical methodologies and the ecosystemic-biogeochemical approximations. I have assessed the effect of the alterations of the organic matter quality due to exotic plantations, water nutrient enrichment or water acidification to the stream macroinvertebrates, with a physiological-to-community level point of view. I have also devoted a big part of my career to understanding the implications of water management for the functioning of freshwater ecosystems and their inhabitants. I have a broad experience in data treatment and statistical analyses in the R environment.

Teaching duties at the university

Physical Geography, Ecology, Limnology, Land Management, Master in Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning and Management (courses on GIS and on Land-Water links in freshwater ecosystems)

Teaching duties outside the university

I give courses about the R environment in UEU ( and COBE (