Pictures 2011

The staff

  • 6th Symposium for European Freshwater Sciences in Sinaia (Rumania, 2009)
  • IMPARIOS project meeting (Esporles, Mallorca). From left to right: Jesús Casas, Enrique Descals, Aitor Larrañaga, Aingeru Martínez, Javier Pérez, Carmen Casado, Margarita Menéndez and Jesús Pozo.
  • From left to right: Jesús Pozo, Ana Basaguren, Javier Pérez, Aingeru Martínez and Aitor Larrañaga.
  • From left to right: Joserra Díez, Jesús Pozo and Manuel Molles
  • Interviewing Michael Mutz for Basque television
  • Jochem Kaile visiting a restored stream
  • Master students during a field trip
  • Eugenia Martí during the demonstration of a nutrient addition experiment
  • Jack Webster (front) and Roger Young (back)
  • Arturo Elosegi (left) and Sergi Sabater (right)

In the laboratory

  • Fresh alder leaves
  • Dried leaves
  • Filling leaf bags
  • Finished leaf bags

In the field

  • Sampling benthic CPOM
  • Placing bags inside a gravel bar for determining breakdown rates
  • Stream restoration works
  • Pool created after stream restoration
  • Measuring stream metabolism in PVC chambers
  • Harvesting of a eucalyptus plantation after 7 years of litterfall mesurements
  • Sampling site in the Agüera stream


  • A good catch!!!!
  • Fishing team in action
  • Fishing team in action

Litter exclusion experiment

  • External view
  • External view
  • Internal view

Feeding experiments

  • Leaf conditioning
  • Preparation of delicious leaf discs
  • Incubation chamber