Pictures 2012

AIL 2012 at Guimaraes (Portugal)

  • Arturo Elosegi at Guimaraes 2012.
  • From left to right: Lorea Flores, Jon Molinero, Ibon Aristi, Anna Giorgi, Maite Arroita and Carlos Alonso.
  • Aingeru Martínez and Javier Pérez at the Congress Dinner.
  • Technical trip to Peneda-Gêres National Park.
  • Kayak tour along the river Cavado.
  • Javier Pérez (not a rastaman) and Aingeru Martínez (rastaman).
  • From left to right: Anna Giorgi and Lorea Flores.
  • From left to right: Ibon Aristi and David Soto.

RIOTEM study sites

  • Cuchillo stream.
  • Peñalar stream.
  • Pozo Negro stream.
  • Peñaranda stream.
  • Lagarma stream.
  • Argañeda stream.
  • Lendoño stream (wet and dry).

SCARCE study sites

  • Study reach in Cinca river.
  • Study reach in Cinca river.
  • Siurana river.
  • Siurana river.
  • Siurana dam.
  • Siurana dam.
  • View of Ara river.

In the field

  • Small thermometer.
  • Big thermometer.
  • Measuring discharge on site.
  • Dry bags in a dry stream.
  • Caddisfly.
  • Sampling Argañeda stream in a rainy day.
  • A frog at Peñaranda stream.
  • Sampling Siurana river in summer.
  • Maite Arroita at Siurana river.
  • Sampling Siurana river in summer.
  • Preparing a nutrient retention experiment at Siurana river.
  • Team change the tire and I whistle.