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October 2019: The UPV/EHU at the Zaldiaran Telecommunications Center. Itelazpi





Professor Juan Luis Ordiales, member of TSR research group, visited the Telecommunications Center at Zaldiaran (Álava, Basque country) with a group of students of the Faculty of Engineering in Bilbao on 4th october 2019.

During the visit they had the opportunity to see the communications tower, where ITELAZPI technical personnel explained the individual protection systems (EPIs, harness, double hook, lifeline) and the differences between the tower antennas that make up the radiant systems of different services, radio, television, critical communications, transport links, etc.

At the same time, aspects were underlined on the ongoing actions undertaken by ITELAZPI to minimize the risks in terms of Occupational Health and Safety and on the actions to minimize the impact on the environment.

They also visited each of the equipment rooms of the telecommunications centre where they received the appropriate explanations on each of the energy, transport, TETRA and diffusion systems.

Itelazpi is the Basque Government’s telecommunications public company in charge of the management and maintenance of more than 240 telecommunications centers.