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International Conferences

Adaptive TOA Estimation with Imperfect LOS and NLOS Knowledge in UWB Positioning Systems
Sobron, I.; Landa, I.; Eizmendi, I.; Vélez, M.
IEEE Sensors 2020,
Accepted for presentation.

PEG-LDPC Coding for Critical Communications in Factory Automation
Fanari, L.; Iradier; E.; Montalban, J.; Angueira, P.; Seijo,O.; Val, I.
IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies for Factory Automation (ETFA), Vienna (Austria), September 2020
Contribution: Oral presentation / Publication: Proceedings and IEEExplore

ATSC 3.0 Backward Compatible SFN In-Band Distribution Link and In-Band Inter-Tower Wireless Network for Backhaul, IoT and Datacasting
Wu, Y.; Zhang, L.; Li, W.; Laflèche, S.; Park, S-I.; Lee, J-Y.; Kim, H-M.; Hur, N.; Weiss, M.; Iradier, E.; Angueira, P.; Montalban, J.
74th NAB Annual Broadcast Engineering and IT Conference,
Accepted for presentation.

Adaptive Rate Control for Live streaming using SRT protocol
Viola, R.; Martin, A.; Mogollón, J.F.; Gabilondo, A.; Morgade, J.; Zorrilla, M.; Montalbán, J.; Angueira, P.
2020 IEEE International Symposium on Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting (IEEE BMSB 2020),
Accepted for presentation.